Productivity Apps

Have you ever wanted to be Superman or Superwoman?  Have you ever wanted to be like Einstein? To change your productivity from normal to superhuman, you need great tools. Unfortunately, it’s confusing to figure out which productivity apps are great.  So, we’ve done the homework for you.

Did you know there are over 2.2 million apps in the Apple store? That’s an insane amount of apps.  By the end of this post, you’ll feel comfortable in using five separate apps to get your life under control.

Let’s get started….

Get Productive with Pomodoro

Pomodoro: you control your life for 25 minutes

Listen, one of the greatest myths that people have is that they can work for hours on end and still be productive. There’s a concept called diminishing returns. The idea of diminishing returns is simple.  The more effort you put in to an activity the less return you get over time

So, one of the greatest things that you can do is get ahold of your life in short little increments. Imagine that. Imagine having the ability to control your life for a short period of time.

Don’t believe me?  Give this a try… Make a commitment right now to make it to the end of this article. I promise you it will take three minutes. You can do that right? Of course you can.

That’s the idea.  The Pomodoro technique is to have you wrestle small periods of time out of the hands of distraction. Now, the Pomodoro technique started with a kitchen timer in the shape of a tomato.  Set the timer for 25 minutes to work and then after you get a five minute break.

Now, there’re a lot of Pomodoro apps. Feel free to pick one of your own.  But I do recommend that you pick up an app you actually pay for.  A paid app avoids ads on your phone.

Scan it, Save it, Email it: Keep Your Documents With You Always

Have you ever wish that you had a copy of your drivers license, or even a copy of your passport?

It’s likely that you’ve needed one of these at some moment, and you didn’t have it available.

One of the best things that I’ve learned is that you can have a copy of these in your phone at all times. Plus, you can send people scanned documents in a flash.

If you haven’t used a scanning app to help yourself become more productive, now is the time.  This is the number one app he is a must have in your phone.

Let me give you a couple examples of how you can use it.

You have to sign a document. So you sign it then what happens?  Well, if you have a scanning app you can  convert it to a PDF and email it. You can send yourself as well as your recipient a copy at the same time. Thus, you have a record of sending a document at a specific time. That’s important in this time sensitive day and age.

Another example, is if you had to have a copy of your passport when traveling. Happens if you lose it? Well if you have a copy, you can always get it replaced by bringing the copy of your passport to your local Embassy. But, you’d likely use it for making travel arrangements. It’s required for international travel to input your passport number while buying a ticket.

If that’s not enough to convince you, just do it anyways. You’ll thank me later.

Get More Productive in Your Headspace

Alright, this might seem a little strange, but I have one question for you. Do you like come soothing voices?  Do you wish you could just reduce stress in your life?

Well, if you get the Headspace app, you’re going to be able to drop a lot of stress in your life. Now, unlike listening to waves or rain, the headspace app teaches you how to meditate. Now, you shouldn’t expect to become a Buddhist monk.  But I have used the app for over a year and I’ll tell you it is life-changing.

After a 10 minute meditation session, I feel as if time has slowed.  My thinking becomes clear in my ability to work becomes more focused.

Fair warning, the headspace app does have an annual fee, But you can use the first 10 meditations for free.

Translate That! Google Translate Is Your Ticket to Seamless Travel

This is going to be short and fast. If you do any type of international traveling, the Google translate app is a must.

It has three features in particular that you will find useful.

First, there is the Word translator. Fairly straightforward.  You can quickly look up the Spanish (German, Swedish, etc…) word for whatever and get a translation.

The second feature is being able to type something in the English, and have the full translation be read aloud in the foreign language.  I found this useful when I am inside of a store, and I don’t speak the language.

Lastly, this is the most important feature!  You can hold up your phone using the camera, point it at a sign and get an instantaneous translation. Super useful for menus, signs, directions and and whatever else you can think of.

Onenote Equals One Place

Listen, there’s a lot of note taking naps out there. There’s note taking apps on the Apple iPhone, and all android phones. Yet, they all lack features that are necessary. In steps, Onenote from Microsoft. It is spectacular.

It allows you to take handwritten notes, typed notes, pictures allows audio recordings.  Yes, all of that.

Finally, it can uploaded to the cloud. So there’s no possibility of lost data over the course of time.

As a bouns, you can house all of your PDFs from your PDF scanner (listed above) and place them inside.

Bottom line, it’s fantastic and it’s free!

Why No To-Do List App?

Listen, a lot of people talk about productivity “to-do” apps.

Don’t do it.  If you have to write it down and your phone and then you have to transfer, It’s as if you’re writing it twice.

In fact the author of getting things done, recommends against a to-do app. End of the story on that.

Productivity Apps – Where to Start

Now, I could have a list of 50 productivity apps. But, it’s impossible for people to start using several apps at the same time.

So, my recommendation is that you begin with one app only.

Why should you begin with one app?

It’s been scientifically proven that the more new things that you attempt at the same time, the higher your failure rate.

So let’s make this successful.  Focus on one app that will help make your life better and use that.

I wish you a productive future.