The Seatylock is on the Commuter’s Want List

It’s holiday time again.  Are you panicked yet?  The age old question of “what should I buy him/her?” is ready to roll over you like a boulder of snow.

Well, do you know someone who bikes to school, work or just around town?

Do you want to give them a thoughtful present that keeps their bike from being stolen? If so, you can’t go wrong with the Seatylock.

Hey Will, What the hell is a Seatylock?

Okay, the Seatylock is a bicycle seat that speedily morphs into a single meter solid lock that biker riders can use to lock their bike to any fixed object.  Think of it as the transformer of bike locks.

How is that better than any other lock?

Well, not only does the Seatylock function as a lock AND a seat, but it also cuts out the hassle of having to carry your seat with you everywhere you go. Let me explain.  Most bike commuters park their bike and quickly remove their seat so that it won’t be stolen.  The seat transforms into a lock.

And to top it all off, this innovative tool doesn’t sacrifice function for comfort. (Can I get an amen?)

Bottom line, with this bad boy, bicycle owners no longer need to carry around a lock or worry about saddle (seat) theft anymore. That’s pretty cool and definitely an original product that your gift recipient hasn’t seen before.

With over $100,000 raised on Kickstarter, it’s obvious that the Seatylock is THE dependable and practical tool for the modern urban commuter.

Shouldn’t I Get a Traditional Lock?

Most bikes do come with some forms of security to ensure their safety, but given the high rate of bike theft both in the U.S. and in Europe, it’s obvious that traditional locks aren’t all that great at preventing theft.  And where there’s a will to steal, there’s a way.

It may surprise you to know that most traditional locks can easily be cracked in less than 30 seconds. Simply put, they’re not up to the task. On the other hand, Seatylock is a hybrid that combines a bike seat and lock together.

Unlike most other traditional locks, the burden of taking along a lock on your commute or having to remove the seat (in order to prevent theft) each time when you’re not riding is completely eliminated.

Also, most traditional locks are heavy, rugged in appearance, and not that user friendly. In a world where comfort and elegance are of utmost importance, even as security is to riders – those traditional locks are not in the same league with the latest spectrum of demands.

Innovative Products like the Seatylock Need Support

Basically, Seatylock is a sturdy, folding bicycle lock that features unique structures that transforms it into a bike seat. When mounted on the top of the seat-post, it then functions as a normal bicycle seat. The Seatylock changes and reshapes into a long lock with a single meter in just a few easy steps.


Using a seatylockIt is designed to fulfill a dual role — a seat when riding , and then as a lock while parked. It doesn’t obstruct the natural flow of riding the bike while sitting, but instead creates the sensual feeling of cycling without any lock. This is indeed a very unique design function.

Benefits It Gives To Bike Commuters

The major benefit that cyclists can enjoy from this product is the feeling of complete security! It was for this reason Seatylock was designed. With such a convenient and highly sophisticated security feature, bike commuters need not worry about the safety of their bicycles.

Also, there is the issue of comfort. The brains behind Seatylock didn’t trade off comfort for security when they designed their product.

It comes with components made of high quality hardened steel, with links enjoined by drilling-protected rivets.

Its cylinder is drilling protected and features a standardized auto mechanism concept capable of providing over 1000,000 combinations. All the metal parts of the Seatylocks are designed to withstand crafty thieves and extreme environments, making it practically indestructible.

Lastly, users of Seatylock won’t ever need to worry about buying a replacement, as the product’s durability had been certified.

After the company carried out more than 10,000 tests, they found the seat-post would last up to 5 years; plus you get an additional warranty of 6 months.  That’s cool. Seatylock Colors

That’s All Folks…

Hopefully this gift idea can help you cross one more person off your holiday shopping list. Be sure to check out for more color and function options.