Best Email Subject Line Tips

The Ultimate Subject Line Tips

Have you ever clicked delete on an email that you never even bothered to open? Of course you have.   But, we’ve created the ultimate subject line tips to get your emails opened.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening when people decide to open your email.

First, It’s human nature to avoid dealing with situations that we don’t have to. Think of it this way, we only have so many minutes in a day. Unfortunately, the phone, emails and the Internet are a constant distraction.

More important, people need a personal reason to open up an email.   Hear me out, your recipient isn’t interested in what’s in it for you.  Your reader wants to know what’s in it for them.

For starters, I’m going to show you how to dominate email with the ultimate subject line.  Your emails will be opened, and people will respond.   Half of the battle is getting the other person just to click on your email. So let’s get started.

Hey, What’s More Important the Email Or The Subject Line?

Now, there are two ways to think  about emails.

On the one hand, some people might think that if you craft the most beautiful email, people will respond.

On  the other hand,  some people believe that the subject line is everything.

The reality is that it falls somewhere between. You need to have a great subject line to get people to open the email.  Once open, you have to have an engaging email to get them to take action.  It’s all about steps!

So What’s The Best Email Subject Line Length?

One the most overlooked  issues about emails is the length of your subject line.

Let me give you a case study.

When Pres. Barack Obama was running for office, his communication team worked in coordination with each other.  Emails, social media, mailers. Everything.    They used a lot of techniques using big data to figure out what people were clicking on, and where on their website.  More importantly, they wanted to know what people didn’t click on!

Now, one of the greatest things that they did during this testing phase is they tested email subject titles.   They used subject headlines such as, “Wow”, ”Dinner?” And the ever popular, ”Hey.”  Surprisingly, hey was the most popular email subject line they tested.

Now, please don’t go out and start using hay in every subject line. As I’m sure that you’ve received other emails that begin with hay in the subject line.

But, like a great inside cover to a book, Sometimes the set up is just good enough to get the person to look inside.

Sidenote: The Length of your Subject Line Depends On the type of recipient.

For example, if you need your boss to respond to quickly, being brief is best.  Perhaps you just might want to use something like, ” I just need to second of your time…” This leaves your boss with the idea that it will just take a second to read your email.  (I’ll discuss this  below.)

Now, if you’re trying to get a response from someone who hasn’t been responding to your emails, your strategy needs to be a little bit different.

Or, you should use something a little bit longer, such as, “I’m a little stuck, can you answer this question?” That plays into the person’s ego.  You might even ask them for some simple help such as,” I think you’re the person I can answer this for me. – One Minute needed.”

And if you’re trying to sell a customer something, it’s best to simply show why they should open the email.  For example, “I thought you would like to know how to [action] which should [give them a benefit or positive result].”  This approach allows your reader to see what is in it for them.   And how they can immediately benefit if they opening your email. That’s the reason why how to emails, and informational emails are fantastic  ways to spur your prospect into action.

I think it’s important to add word of caution. You want to make sure that your email recipients doesn’t it feel jaded or misled by your subject line.  DON’T BE THE SMARMY PERSON THAT MIDLEADS.

Here’s where keeping it brief works to your benefit.  You cannot mislead someone with less than five words.  Unless you promise something you cannot deliver, people cannot get mad at you.

How About Email Subject Lines for Work?

Now, the last thing that your boss wants to hear from you is some long-winded email inside of the subject line. The best way to conquer this mistake is  by being brief.

A couple of great components to keep in mind when writing your subject line is:

·      Do you need an immediate response?

·      What is the overall topic?

·      And what is your exact question.

If you can answer those questions, your are ahead of your co-workers.

A great example of answering all these questions  is:

[Name of person you’re sending it to]: Response needed by [timeframe] –  [Client Proposal] –  How do we address [insert issue]?

So, if you’re sending it to your boss Sally. This is what it would look like:

Sally: response needed by this afternoon –  XYZ proposal –  how should we address the paperwork?

It’s a tweet, your boss knows exactly what to expect once they open it up.  Don’t you wish everyone wrote emails that quick and beautiful?

Here’s Some More Email Subject Line Best Practices

First, Write to Your Audience.

If they’re a friend, you’re not to have any problem getting them to open it.  But, if it’s a business relationship, you want to make sure that you’re not being too casual with that particular person.

Again, people appreciate brevity.   When people are talking about business, avoid having a bad subject line.

An example of a bad subject line is one that includes a close ended question is one that I can have a yes or a no answer.

For example, “Would you be available to talk this afternoon?” Yes. No. Only two answers. Equals BAD.

You want to avoid those at all costs. They allow the person receiving the email to quickly delete your email without giving it a glance.  And they will not bother answering.

So, what should you do?

Ask open-ended questions such as, “ What do you think about __________?”

It engages your reader and make them feel compelled to open your email.

Now emails usually falling to four different categories

You’re giving somebody some information (which I like to call a help email and parentheses.

You’re sending pictures funny stories and other things.

You’re either asking someone a question which should elicit a response.

You’re responding to someone’s email.

Here’s Some Email Subject Line Examples for Reference

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably looking for some straightforward suggestions. Here’s my top 5 list email subject line.

1.     Just a second…

2.     Can you help me with this?

3.     Did you know [blank]?

4.      What do you think about [one word subject]?

5.      [Subject] or [subject]? (i.e. More or less, Higher or lower, Better or worse]

Should I Use An Email Subject Line Analyzer?

Now, if you search Google for email subject line analyzer, there’s about a half dozen analyzer is out there. I can’t really speak for their quality, Or how their algorithms work. But, the could be worth your time just to check It out.

I’ve learned that when you  tried to use some of these  tools, your writing becomes clear and more focused. And that is never a bad thing.

In The End, Here’s What You Need To Know About Email Subject Lines

In the end, if you write your subject lines with clarity Focus and brevity, the responses you receive will be greater. And like all things writing, the best way to handle it is by practice practice practice. In the end the subject line tips we’ll help you get a better response.

Do you have something that works for you? Let me know.